Kopas and Lucia Call on Courtney to Come Clean About His Business Reco

GREENSBURG (October 24, 2011) – Westmoreland County Commissioner candidates, Commissioner Ted Kopas and Mayor Gerald Lucia, today called on Republican candidate R. Tyler Courtney to come clean about his record, specifically his involvement in the trademark infringement court case and ultimate bankruptcy of his company, A1 Mortgage Corp.

“It is time that Tyler Courtney quit promoting his claims of being a successful businessman when, in fact, he was in charge of a company that intentionally deceived the public and profited from the hard work of others, then skipped out on its responsibilities to pay up when caught – choosing instead to file for bankruptcy,” Kopas said. “His unethical antics cost people their jobs and cost taxpayers their money in federal court.”

When Courtney started a mortgage company he gave it the same name (A1) as a successful mortgage company in Cranberry Township. That Cranberry company was spending millions of dollars per year in advertising, so by stealing their name he was able to mislead and confuse consumers.

Even though he denied he instructed his employees to lie about the name, a federal judge found that, “The testimony of Courtney is not credible in this respect and the retort instructions could have no other purpose than to cause confusion among potential customers regarding the commercial radio advertising.” The judge further concluded that Courtney’s company acted with “bad faith” and “malice”.

The company that sued Courtney was awarded $50,000, plus attorney’s fees. But rather than pay the court-ordered award, Courtney’s company filed for bankruptcy, cheating the company who sued and many other creditors.

“Tyler Courtney will no doubt try to blame others for his company’s downfall, but his name is found throughout the court documents and even the judge singles him out for his irresponsible behavior. Courtney also refuses to list A1 Mortgage on his biography, why?” Lucia said. “It’s past time that he quit hiding from this and takes personal responsibility.

“Perhaps this is why the Westmoreland Chamber of Commerce refused to hire him as its Executive Director – a position he sought in the midst of campaigning for commissioner.”

“His running-mate Chuck Anderson, too, should demand that Courtney tell the truth about his shady business dealings,” Kopas said. “While it is unclear what Chuck Anderson knows– or when he found out – he should hold his running mate to a high standard. Anderson claims he wants transparency, so he should expect his running mate to come clean about this.

“Courtney and Anderson need to quit hiding behind party bosses and political operatives and talk directly to the voters about this important issue,” Kopas said.

All information was obtained through Case No. 06-25420 of U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania and Case No. 2:03-CV2002 of U.S. District Court, Western District of Pennsylvania.

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