Remodeling? Consider Deconstruction

(Greensburg, PA – December 12, 2011) – If you’re in the mood for a quick remodeling job for the holidays, or looking for that last minute tax credit for 2011, Shop Demo Depot may be able to help. Shop Demo Depot can deconstruct your current kitchen or bathroom, remove any salvageable items and get you ready for your remodeling project. You benefit, since all items donated to the social enterprise are tax-deductible. All re- usable material removed will be donated to Shop Demo Depot’s retail store to be sold at affordable prices. Money raised will be turned into charitable dollars that will support the three Community Action Agencies involved.

Westmoreland Community Action (WCA), in conjunction with two other community action agencies in southwestern PA, has recently created an eco-friendly reuse social enterprise in Westmoreland County called Shop Demo Depot. Shop Demo Depot is designed to divert nearly 40 tons of building materials from local landfills each year; to use these waste materials in productive and commercially viable ways; and to create and sustain an organization that provides green jobs for low-income individuals in an economically distressed area. At the heart of this effort is a unique building deconstruction and materials reuse business that recovers and recycles building materials and sells them at affordable prices through a retail store.

Deconstruction involves the careful dismantling of rooms or whole buildings with the goal of preserving reusable materials. Whereas nearly anyone with sufficient strength can wield a sledgehammer, a properly trained deconstruction worker knows how to disassemble a building in the correct order, using the appropriate tools, with minimal damage.

“Every year tons of usable building materials and household goods are trucked to our landfills; these goods could provide cost-effective alternatives to purchasing new,” said Jack Brown, Director of Community Services for Westmoreland Community Action and General Manager for Shop Demo Depot. “It’s our responsibility as a society to take a stand and start reducing or eliminating this waste by making sensible green decisions,” Brown said.

If you are interested in having a structure deconstructed, contact Kim Giles, deconstruction manager, at 724-875-9052. If you have unwanted building materials that you’d like to donate to Shop Demo Depot, please contact Ryan Crick, retail warehouse manager, at 724-787-9922.