Derry Redevelopment Project Receives $200,000 Grant

GREENSBURG (August 2) – The Redevelopment Authority of the County of Westmoreland is one step closer to completely cleaning up a longtime eyesore in Derry Borough and returning it to productive use. Recent progress in this project is attributed to the efforts of Congressman Mark Critz, who recently secured $200,000 in Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) grant funding to remediate the former Porcelain Park industrial site in Derry Borough, Westmoreland County.

“The Derry redevelopment project will take a blighted brownfield and restore and redevelop the property for future light industrial use,” said Congressman Critz. “This will not only remove a community eyesore, but create jobs and economic development in the heart of Derry Borough. I’d like to thank the Redevelopment Authority of the County of Westmoreland and the Westmoreland County Commissioners for steering this project forward.”

Through efforts of the Redevelopment Authority of the County of Westmoreland, Westmoreland County, and the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED), this 19.3 acre site will be prepared for redevelopment and reinvestment by removing hazardous materials from the site, demolishing existing buildings and making site improvements.

In addition to the $200,000 in ARC funds, other federal sources include $305,108 in CDBG funds from Westmoreland County, and $315,460 from DCED, bringing the total funding for this project to $820,568.

“The timing of this funding is ideal allowing the Authority to continue the momentum of preparing the site. The cooperation from the residents of Derry and the Department of Environmental Protection has enhanced the clean-up efforts,” said April Kopas, Executive Director of the Redevelopment Authority of the County of Westmoreland.

Working alongside the Economic Growth Connection of Westmoreland, the Westmoreland County Industrial Development Corporation will conduct a marketing study funded by a grant from First Energy. This study will assess if the site is suitable for one or multiple businesses, identify necessary rail improvements, and help to determine the highest and best reuse for the site.

“The cleanup of brownfield sites will continue to be a priority for Westmoreland County, and we are excited to support the Redevelopment Authority with this effort” said Jason Rigone, Executive Director of the Westmoreland County Industrial Development Corporation. “Projects like this not only have an immediate impact on the community, but also present an economic development opportunity. This site, with its rail access and industrial zoning, has value in the industrial market and the Westmoreland County Industrial Development Corporation will immediately begin marketing once the project is complete.”

John Skiavo, President and CEO of the Economic Growth Connection, said the study will look for feedback primarily from the industrial manufacturing sector because it is the most suitable business type for the site and because those entities create the most jobs.

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