Westmoreland County Launches New Online Parks Pavilion Rental System

The Westmoreland County Bureau of Parks and Recreation, in conjunction with the Department of Information Systems, is pleased to announce the creation of an online Parks Pavilion and Facility Rental website. The service can be accessed through the front page of the County Parks’ website, www.co.westmoreland.pa.us/parks.

Internet users can now search parks pavilion availability, reserve, and pay for those reservations along with any necessary additional permits. For the first time, website visitors are able to pay online with a credit card to reserve a facility. Three easy to use custom searches have been created to help match prospective renters to the facility which meets their needs. Customers can search by park on a specific date, by amenity, or search by a specific facility.

Prior to this change, pavilions were rented via written applications sent with payment through the mail. Often times this resulted in renters not receiving the specific facility they wanted, due to the delay of mailing in the application. Even though it is anticipated that the vast majority of reservations moving forward will be made online, applications are still accepted through the mail to accommodate non-internet users.

“It’s wonderful to be in a position where we can provide a higher level of customer service to our county residents,” said Greg McCloskey, Director of the Department of Public Works. “This new system is much easier from start to finish, and we are eager to see it in action in the coming months.”

In the Westmoreland County Park system, pavilions are able to be rented year-round at Twin Lakes, Cedar Creek, Mammoth, and Northmoreland Parks. In addition, Twin Lakes and Northmoreland each have an indoor Activity Center available for rentals with heating, air conditioning, and kitchen facilities. All of these facilities can be rented up to one year in advance. Facilities are available for groups ranging in size from 25 to 500 people.

Also new for 2012, there are two brand new pavilions at the Twin Lakes Expansion site on George’s Station Road that are available to rent now for any date after May 1, 2012. Pavilion #9 is next to the new giant all-inclusive playground, and pavilion #10 is adjacent to the Peach Plaza Skate Park. Both pavilions seat approximately 200 people. Electricity and water are available at both pavilions.

For more information, and a complete fee schedule for pavilion rentals, please call Westmoreland County Parks and Recreation at (724) 830-3950 or visit www.co.westmoreland.pa.us/parks.