Westmoreland County Urges New Funding For Transportation

GREENSBURG (January 10, 2013) – The Westmoreland County Commissioners today unanimously passed a resolution in support of new transportation funding strategies for Pennsylvania and urging the Governor and General Assembly to finalize a plan this legislative session.

“Transportation is fundamental to the vitality and strength of Westmoreland County and our Commonwealth, our cities and neighborhoods, our economy and public safety, yet important projects like the Laurel Valley Connector and others remain on the shelf due to lack of funding,” said Commissioner Ted Kopas, who authored the resolution. “The Governor has indicated a desire to act this year on some of the recommendations of his Transportation Funding Advisory Commission. The time for action is now.”

The following is the complete text of the county resolution:

In Support of Transportation Funding Solutions

WHEREAS, transportation is fundamental to the vitality and strength of Westmoreland County and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, its cities and neighborhoods, its economy and public safety; and

WHEREAS, the Commonwealth’s transportation infrastructure is aged and in many ways inadequate to facilitate economic growth, businesses’ distribution needs, downtown revitalization, and population trends; and

WHEREAS, key projects like the Laurel Valley Connector remain undone, despite widespread support and decades of study, due to inadequate available funding; and

WHEREAS, mass transit deserves dedicated funds to help alleviate traffic, to minimize pollution and to better serve poorer and environmentally aware residents; and

WHEREAS, road and bridge improvements have historically, and rightfully, long enjoyed bipartisan support among the chambers of the General Assembly, their caucuses and the Governor’s office; and

WHEREAS, the Governor has publicly announced his intention to address transportation funding solutions during this legislative session based on the Governor’s Transportation Funding Advisory Commission (TFAC), which completed its work in August 2011.

NOW, THEREFORE, in order to improve the economy and quality of life of Westmoreland County and this Commonwealth, and to better ensure the safety of our citizens, it is hereby resolved and enacted by the Board Of County Commissioners of the County of Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, that this Board does hereby endorse and support efforts to increase funding for transportation and encourage the Governor and General Assembly to work together on a long-term solution for the betterment of Pennsylvania.

RESOLVED AND ENACTED by the Board of Commissioners of the County of Westmoreland at a regularly scheduled public meeting held this 10th day of January 2013, a quorum being present.


# # #