Local Microbrewery Finds New Home in Downtown Jeannette

GREENSBURG (December 12) –Westmoreland County Land Bank today announced the sale of 500 Clay

Avenue in downtown Jeannette to Sobel’s Obscure Brewery, LLC., for its new local microbrewery location.

Sobel’s Obscure Brewery, LLC., a family owned and operated brewery, was officially founded in 2012, and has been brewing and distributing bottles and draft since June of 2017. With distribution contracts for 34 counties across the state of Pennsylvania, its next goal is local product concentration. Chief Operations Officer, Jackie Sobel states, “By opening a brewery and Tasting Room in Jeannette, we think our goal of local brand recognition will be achieved.”

Interior renovation plans consist of a tasting room with a 17 tap lineup featuring company brews, including their most popular, “Honey Blossom Hefeweizen”. Other local beer selections will often be available, as well as products from wineries and distilleries to offer alternative beverage options.

The Land Bank acquired the 12,000 square foot structure in 2017 and utilized foundation dollars to make stabilization improvements including roof and window repairs to market the corner building for reuse. Recently, the Land Bank acquired an adjoining structure and lot to aid in the expansion needs of the brewery that will include year-round patio seating for brewery patrons.

According to April Kopas, Executive Director of the Westmoreland County Land Bank, “This project truly represents why land banks are an important partner, but we could not have done this without the cooperative efforts of City officials, staff, and the Sobels. These projects are vital for our downtowns to revitalize.”

Mayor of Jeannette, Curtis Antoniak agrees, stating, “The Land Bank had been instrumental in getting the deal done. The city is very fortunate to have such a great working relationship”. Adding,” We are very excited for the new plans for the former Gillespie Building, it is one of several developments that will continue to spark life into our community.”

Sobel’s Obscure Brewery worked closely with St.Vincent’s Small Business Development Center to evolve their business plan. According to Business Analyst for the Center, Tim Bates, “The growth of the craft brewing industry within Westmoreland County has been a plus for economic development. He adds, “It has been a wonderful experience working with the entrepreneurial minded Sobel family on developing and implementing their business plan.”

The entire site will be transformed into an on-site brewery with live entertainment and weekend food trucks. Fitting with the Land Bank’s mission of revitalization, the new owners plan to utilize the original space, maintaining some of the building’s character, Owner, David Sobel adds, “We will be taking advantage of the beautiful architecture that is already existing in the former Gillespie Building to add our creative twist to it”.

Sobel’s Obscure Brewery is set to open its doors in fall of 2019.