Sestak for Senate

I had the opportunity to meet U.S. Senate candidate Joe Sestak last evening. What a remarkable man, and what a welcome relief. It was so refreshing to hear a candidate communicate well-thought positions, and solutions, to the challenges we face, instead of the typical recycled talking points that too often pass for political discourse nowadays.

Admiral Sestak brings experience, smarts and reason to this race. He spoke at length about the economy, foreign policy, campaign finance reform and more, and really showed what a well-rounded candidate he is. His military background taught him not only self discipline, but also to treat government and politics with a problem-solving approach. He is humble, hard-working and thoughtful. He is exactly what we need in a senator.

As I listened to him speak I couldn’t help but think about those ridiculous negative ads the Chamber of Commerce is running. It’s only August and already the Toomey camp and its cronies are so worried that they would blatantly distort the record of this honorable man. Expect more, of course, but don’t believe them.

As the people of this commonwealth get to better know Joe Sestak I am confident the more they will like him. He is the real deal, and the type of guy we need in the Senate. Visit and see for yourself.