Why I’m Voting Democrat

It’s no secret I’m a proud Democrat – always have been, always will be. But this is not simply blind partisanship. I believe in our ideals and our candidates, and unfortunately, through the influence of unlimited money and SuperPACs running amok, both have been brutally mischaracterized and misrepresented. This election is so critical for our country, our commonwealth and our communities so I figured this is the election I actually list my reasons why I am supporting the Democratic ticket.

I’m voting Democratic this year …..

Because our country is better off than it was four ago.

Because numbers don’t lie. Unemployment is down. Manufacturing is on the rise. The stock market has reached record highs. Consumer confidence is up. Wars are ending, and our troops are finally coming home.

Because General Motors is alive and Osama Bin Laden is dead.

Because I have a memory. We tried it the Republican way under W. Remember how that story ended? Mitt Romney is selling that same snake oil.

Because asking the ultra-wealthy to pay their fair share will help balance the budget. And it’s painfully obvious that cutting their taxes do nothing to help the economy.

Because the nation’s debt issues can only be solved with a balanced approach to spending cuts and increasing revenue. I also remember the Clinton years.

Because as the grandson of a proud coal miner and well aware of the many jobs in the industry, forcing (non-union) miners to appear at staged campaign rallies for Republicans is no way ensure that coal remains part of the nation’s strategy.

Because there is no “War on Religion.” I’m still Catholic and can still worship as I always have. This is another silly manufactured claim to appeal only to people’s fears.

Because Mitt Romey has changed his positions so many times on so many issues, I’m certain he has no clue who he is or who he ever was.

Because a presidential candidate shouldn’t be able say “government can’t create jobs”, then in the next breath claim that as president he will create “12 million jobs”. Seriously, does Romney even listen to himself?

Because the “47 percent” that Romney dismisses and disdains includes our grandparents on Social Security, veterans receiving benefits, college students getting federal loans and the working poor trying to make ends meet. They are our neighbors.

Because Romney’s most recent lie about Chrysler moving Jeep production to China (refuted in no uncertain terms by the Chrysler CEO himself) should prove once and for all that this man will say absolutely anything, regardless of facts.

Because you don’t need to take my word for it. Just remind yourself what Newt Gingrinch, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul had to say about Romney earlier this year.

Because we should not allow the ultra-wealthy to buy our elections.

Because we need more statesmen, like Bob Casey, in the US Senate, not fewer.

Because if you throw $17 million of your own money into a Senate campaign and still drag your aged mother into an attack ad, you’re not fit to be a United States senator.

Because the negative ad blitz against Mark Critz is disgusting. You won’t find a more sincere, hard-working, down-to-earth Congressman than Mark Critz.

Because workers’ rights and women’s rights are at stake.

Because the Republican Party is no longer the party of John Heinz, Tom Ridge – or even Ronald Reagan.

Because we need people to stand up to Governor Corbett when he makes his next round of cuts to human services and education.

Because one-party rule is bad for our Commonwealth.

Because we need government representatives to stop bleating about spending then glad-handing at every ribbon-cutting for government-funded projects.

Because political mailers gloating about legislative “accomplishments” should not include what these legislators have “proposed”,” supported” or “planned”. These aren’t accomplishments.

Because repeatedly calling your opponent “liberal” and using images of Nancy Pelosi (a Congresswoman from California!) in a Pennsylvania State House race is childish and insulting to voters.

Because government, like it or not, is important. Good government can work to improve our society, our economy, and our safety. It can help give people a fair shot at the American Dream – not simply a handout. It can help care for those who cannot care for themselves. It can help create a strong middle class. But it has to be more than words…it’s action, it’s policies. That’s what important to me, and that’s what Democrats stand for.