Endorsements, Etc.

I had a surprise visitor the other day – none other than Joe Bush, former Republican candidate for county commissioner. I was honored to learn that, without any solicitation, he is actively supporting Jerry Lucia and me. So now, everyone who ran in this year’s primary is supporting us.

Joe Bush finished a close third in the three-way Republican primary, missing the nomination by only a few hundred votes. He had a lot of kind things to say about me and Jerry Lucia, about our leadership and our records, and he shared with me a letter he was sending to the Tribune-Review publicizing his support. He was the endorsed candidate of that newspaper in the spring. We will wait and see if his letter is published.

Jerry and I now have the support of not just the Republican candidate, but also all three of our challengers from the primary (Linda Iezzi, John Pallone and Virginia Oplinger). It’s not just an honor, but I think it’s also very unique to have every primary challenger from both parties in your corner.

I also received the endorsement from the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME Council 83). As of today, 11 different organizations that represent police officers, carpenters, heavy equipment operators, miners, electricians and more are supporting me. (Click here to see the full list).

I am not even counting among my official endorsements (yet) the praise Jerry and I received from the state Republican Party chairman at a recent fundraiser with Governor Corbett.

Endorsements are a funny thing. Some you never seek, but are happy to receive (i.e. Joe Bush). Others you never get the chance because they apparently have no interest in learning about you. I found out recently that the local anti-choice group is not endorsing me. What’s amazing is that they never even asked me about my views – on anything. Now, of course a county commissioner has absolutely nothing to do with abortion, but the fact they never asked really reveals the motives of this group. And now, in a few weeks when I leave mass I will be greeted by some flier opposing to me for absolutely no known reason. What a sham.

Apparently political mail season has started, and the opening salvo is a long, boring letter from our opponents. The eight-paragraph document is chocked full of platitudes and alleged accomplishments, including “reforming county government” (exactly how?), “fighting for taxpayers” (golf anyone?) and “controlling costs” (by not paying your company’s bills?).

My favorite part is the opening paragraph comparing our race to some grand scheme to change the federal government. Good grief, guys, we’re running for county commissioners. Get your egos in check and focus on the issues we actually deal with – human services, industrial development, public safety and parks.

Thanks to everyone for their feedback on the television commercial. It’s funny to me for people I’m just meeting to say, “You’re the guy I saw on TV!” Oh, the power of television. But lest anyone get bored by our ad, we’re shooting footage soon for a new spot. I will post it as soon as it’s done.

Finally, a reminder, the first (and likely only) commissioners candidates’ debate is October 26 at the Four Points Hotel in Greensburg, hosted by the NAACP. I hope we get a big crowd – and not just people affiliated with our campaigns. I encourage anyone reading this to attend. See you there.