Heading to the Finish Line

After months of fire halls and festivals, rhetoric and debates, campaigning and strategizing, it’s finally time to vote. I am confident that all of our hard work is going to pay off because we have the truth on our side and because we value the important business of county government.

When I first took office I pledged to not make outlandish promises, to not play political games with the vital services we provide, work hard every day, and to always be straight with the residents of this county. That is how I have approached my job and this campaign. I am so proud of and so thankful for all the effort my supporters have put forth to effectively spread our message.

I have spent the past nine months trying to remind voters of all the good things happening in Westmoreland County. We have made government more efficient while serving more residents. We have held the line on taxes and maintained a budget surplus, while investing wisely to improve our economy, revitalize our communities and keep our neighborhoods safe. My number one priority remains to always find the right balance between saving money and making sure our residents are getting the quality, and sometimes life-sustaining, services they deserve.

My running-mate Jerry Lucia shares that goal and that vision. I have said it often – Jerry Lucia is a hard-working and honest public servant who will make an outstanding county commissioner.

The contrast to our opponents is sharp. They have offered nothing but stale, boilerplate campaign rhetoric. They have talked about money, but never people. They have refused to come clean about their records. They have accused us of lying about their business records and county expense reports, yet have never offered any concrete evidence to refute anything. They have tried to make ridiculous links between county government and Washington DC – even me and the president. Their local party bosses have tried to smear my family. And it’s all been paid for by Harrisburg politicians in the state Republican Party to try to buy our local elections.

But that’s ok. They’re desperate. And desperate people do desperate things. Sometimes even despicable things.

I have been asked often throughout this campaign about what motivates me and what makes me different from the other candidates. My answer to both questions almost always involves two of my boys, Alex and Quinn, who both have special needs. Alex has autism. Quinn has Down syndrome. These two heroes of mine have long taught me the value of hard work because I see how hard they work to accomplish what we all take for granted. But they also remind me of the significance of our work in county government and the importance of quality programs for those we serve.

One of the major reasons government exists is to help those who, through no fault of their own, cannot care for themselves. That’s why I take my job as Commissioner seriously and why I am running to continue in office – because people are depending on us. People like Quinn and Alex and their friends and classmates. Vulnerable seniors who want to stay in their homes. Children at risk of abuse or neglect. Displaced workers who are looking for good-paying jobs at our industrial parks. Anyone who feels threatened and calls 911. That is what it’s all about. It’s not just about dollars and cents, and it’s certainly not about the silly attack mailers on me.

Please help spread the good word to your family and friends. Make a call or two before Election Day. Drive an elderly neighbor to the polls. And ask them to vote for Ted Kopas and Jerry Lucia for County Commissioners.

I believe in the work we are doing – programmatically and financially. I believe Westmoreland County has great days ahead. And I believe that working together we can solve all future challenges.

Thank you for your belief in me.

Remember to vote November 8. Polls are open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.