Our Primary Victory

I am truly honored and humbled by the support I received in the primary election. We got far more votes than any of the other seven candidates. But this was not my victory alone; it was ours. There are many people to thank for their efforts.

First and foremost, my thanks to my wife and family. They spent a lot of nights without me. But my wife, April, always kept the household running smoothly (or as smooth as it ever can be with our crew). It makes it a lot easier to do this knowing that everything is taken care of at home. I cannot thank my wife enough. Also, a special thanks to Jack for often waiting up for me (or at least he used me as an excuse).

Thanks to everyone who helped: the faithful crew who put up all the signs (and amazingly got them down already) and everyone who put a sign in their yard, contributed financially to the campaign, talked about me to a friend, wrote a postcard, and so on and so on. No one achieves victory alone.

Of course, thanks to all those who voted for me, especially in weather that was absolutely abysmal.

Finally, a special thanks to my brother-in-law Nick for helping me to keep this all in proper perspective and for showing me the meaning of true victory. He’s the toughest guy I know.

Congratulations to my friend Jerry Lucia on his win. Jerry is a good, honest, hardworking man with a proven record of success as Mt. Pleasant’s mayor and of service as the borough’s long-time fire chief. It is an honor to be on the ballot with him.

To Linda Iezzi, John Pallone and Virginia Oplinger, I thank them for their involvement in the Democratic Party. We are better off for it. I encourage them to stay involved and encourage their supporters to do the same.

Congratulations, too, to Chuck Anderson and Tyler Courtney for their finish on the other side. It is my intention to run a clean and truthful campaign this fall. I hope these Republicans follow suit, and resist the urge to accept loads of Harrisburg cash to spread deceit, like what happened four years ago. The entire county is worse off when we allow outside money and high-paid “consulting” (i.e. smear) firms to try to influence our local elections.

I have to add that I found it amusing (though not at all surprising) that the day after Jerry Lucia and I received about 6,000 more votes than the Republicans the headline in the county’s largest newspaper read “GOP Aiming for a November Win”. Forget for a moment that this headline could have been written any time over the past 50 years, so it was hardly newsworthy. It serves as the opening salvo of what will be constant cheerleading for my opponents the next six months.

Despite that challenge, I am really looking to continuing the campaign. I will continue to take our message of quality services and low taxes to voters. With a track record of success, not to mention the truth on our side, I am confident we will prevail again.

Thanks again to everyone who helped get us to this point. The real fun starts now.