Broken Promises, Blatant Politics

It’s never a good idea to make personnel moves for anything other than professional reasons. And making moves for purely political reasons is especially dangerous. But that’s exactly what my Republican colleagues are doing.

Commissioners Anderson and Courtney appear to have a vendetta against certain county employees. There is no other explanation. Whether it’s meddling in business at the Municipal Authority, firing the county’s long-time Chief Public Defender, Dante Bertani, or other questionable moves, these two are putting the county in bad position. And the arrogance in which they act – in secret with shady inside deals – is disgraceful, and I cannot stay silent.

The following is a letter I sent to the Tribune-Review…

Another day, another broken promise by the Republican County Commissioners. First, they passed a budget with an $8 million deficit after campaigning against deficit budgeting. Now, after promising to end politics at the Courthouse they fire someone who has dedicated his career to the Public Defenders’ office for strictly political reasons.

Republican Commissioners Chuck Anderson and Tyler Courtney made the change to this vital court function without advertising, without interviews and without seeking necessary input. The man they hired has no experience as a public defender. His only apparent qualification is that he has been active with the local Republican Party, running as a candidate in multiple primaries.

Their attempt to ouster the solicitor of the Municipal Authority reeks even worse (March 9th Tribune-Review). This is a position Commissioners do not even directly hire.

Hiding behind code words like “confidence” doesn’t mask the obvious political motivation and cronyism behind these actions. They are never able to cite performance or budgetary reasons for their meddling. And despite his statements about speaking for the Board of Commissioners, Chuck Anderson does not speak for me. I do not agree with hiring and firing people for purely political reasons.