Republican Writes in Support

We’re featuring a guest columnist in this edition. The following letter ran in the August 19 edition of the Tribune-Review, in response to a hateful, ill-informed rant by a local Republican Party operative. I’m honored by the support of this letter-writer, and many other Republicans. The letter-writer is not influenced by blind party loyalty and silly stereotype labels; nor am I.

As a lifelong Republican opposed to abortion and in favor of Second Amendment rights, who proudly supports incumbent Democrat Ted Kopas for Westmoreland County commissioner, I feel compelled to enhance the narrow picture of Kopas painted by Maury Fey in his scathing letter “Won’t vote for Kopas” . Fey judged Kopas by referencing a list of endorsements and citing the lack of pro-life organizations, as if this list encompasses Kopas’ entire career.

Kopas and his wife are raising five children, including a son with autism and a son with Down syndrome. I have witnessed firsthand the patience, caring and understanding that Kopas has not just for his own children, but for each person he encounters with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

As commissioner, Kopas has been a leading advocate for people with special needs. He has been a strong voice for inclusion, better programming and respect for all. People involved in community services know Kopas is willing and available to help all who call upon him.

Commissioner Ted Kopas doesn’t need validation from lobbying groups to prove that he values every person. He lives it every day! He has earned my respect and my vote.”

- Lisa C. Liston, Hempfield