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WCIDC’s Mt. Pleasant Glass Centre Reaches Full Occupancy
The Westmoreland County Industrial Development Corporation (WCIDC) Board of Directors, Gina Cerilli, Ted Kopas, and Charles W. Anderson, approved today a lease agreement with Life’s a Beach USA, LLC, for 1,400 SF of space located at Mt. Pleasant Glass Centre in Mt. Pleasant Township.

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Who Will Care For Us?

There is a looming crisis in Pennsylvania, one that will impact families throughout Westmoreland County. Who will care for our aged family members and loved ones?

It’s difficult to find a family who does not have older members in need of some Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS). Pennsylvania’s changing demographics pose significant challenges, as approximately 70 percent of people turning 65, on average, will need some type of LTSS during their lives.

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October 26, 2019 – So honored to be recognized by the Greater Westmoreland County Labor Council as the 2019 Outstanding Government Official.


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